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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For all you kids of the 90's....

This video showed up on my YouTube today. It was in my "Suggested for Me" that's embarrassing, not that anyone should be surprised.  But it's the greatest video ever made. 

For all you kids of the millenium, I feel sorry for you. If you think High School Musical is the best. movie. ever. and Zac Efron is soooo hot, or you thought Shia Lebeouf was a "breakout star" in Transformers...then you clearly need to watch "Luck of the Irish."

 Back in my heyday:
-Ryan Merriman was the cutest boy on television and you wanted to be his lucky coin instead of his little Indian or Mexican friend (what ever she was). Who does she think she is??
-Erik von Detten took it to the BRINK! (Where are you now, Erik?)
-You would have given anything for a Smart House named Pat.
-Why yes, girls could chop off their hair and motocross with the boys.
-You constantly wondered "Why is Johnny Tsunami's dad Japanese?"
-You wanted to name your first child Zenon or, better yet, Protozoa.
-Halloweentown was REAL.
- Invisible friends who turned into boogiemen scared the shit out of you. 
-You had "We went to the moon in 1969..." in your head FOR.EVER. And you still do. 
-Susie Q was the prettiest person ever. Plus, she was the pink Power Ranger.  Legendary. 
-You KNEW what "Si se puede!!!" meant...
-Andy was a sad excuse for a Lawrence brother. 
-Katherine Heigl will always be Alexa Wheaton. 
-...and Miley was off sucking her pacifier somewhere in Tennessee wearing nothing but pull-ups. Just like she still does.

Don't forget these were the days. Zetus Lupetus! 


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