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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Blog. First Snow.

This is my first blog entry! Yeaay!
I hope this doesn't end up like the countless journals and diaries I've made poor attempts to write throughout my life. But that's mostly because I wanted that electronic diary I saw on commercials where you create your own password so that your little brother couldn't read it? Except for I didn't have a little brother... or anything remotely interesting to talk about when I was 8. I sincerely hope I'm more interesting now...

I don't particularly feel like starting this off with a whole introduction that makes me feel like I'm in a getting-to-know-you game on the 1st day of class. It's unnecessary and silly. Like group work (KILL. ME.). 
So, here goes...

It snowed today. 

But by "snow" I mean the famous Powdered Sugar Fairy flew down from her castle in the the mythical village of Sugarland (it's by Houston.) and, as the college students slept snug in their beds, the fairy sprinkled powdered sugar and shredded cotton balls all over the ground...making sure she sprinkled ONLY enough to allow every single person to update their statuses with "Snowwww! heartsheartssmileyfacewink," upload a photo, pray for cancelled class, and then be severely let down by 10 a.m.  

Of course,  I left my apartment at 7:30 completely dressed and prepared for wintery conditions. Now, I never take the bus. It's silly living so close to campus and taking a bus that will get you to class SLOWER than walking. Also, I don't trust myself to ever go to the gym so...I've gotta. Of course, I always end up leaving my door 5 minutes too late so I have to hoof it to the foreign language building by 8:00.
There is nothing more than freezing your butt off as you book it all the way to campus with all your layers on,  then getting into class and alllll of a sudden, your sweat catches up with you. So now you're that kid sitting in your chair that's not only panting but weirdly perspiring...

Sadly, up till now, that's all I've done. Blame the Powdered Sugar Fairy...or the Law & Order:SVU marathon on USA, but I haven't exactly left my couch all damn day. There's just something about vicious rape and murder that makes you want to watch 10 episodes in a row...although, it may also be because Dr. Huang is the voice of Shang in "Mulan." But probably because of Stabler's forearms. Yep, that's it. 


First post ever!! I think I'd like comments... :)

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